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16 Dec 2013

An Appeal to Devotees

An Appeal to Devotees

Purchasing Land for Future Authentic Temple

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As we come closer to end of 2013, HECSA, Portland Balaji Temple and Portland Shirdi Sai Temple would like to provide a status update on our progress towards procuring a Land for future Authentic Temple & Cultural Center.

Each day we are getting close to our community’s dream of acquiring a land & building an authentic Temple in Greater Portland region. After getting through several early negotiations, Environmental checks, HECSA is planning on closing the offer made on a land that should be easily accessible to the Community. The land is located at the intersection of US 26 and NW Glencoe Rd (See picture below).  The land is approximately 11.5 acres and the offer is expected to close at $1.1 Million. The closing is expected in January 2014. We are currently raising funds to purchase this land and to build an authentic temple at that site.

As many of you can recall, in the auspicious occasion of TTD Srinivasa Kalyanam conducted in May 2012, the Bhoomidhanam program was kicked off.  Our heartfelt Thanks to the Devotees that have donated through this program. At this time, we have raised close to 40% of the target for land cost. Carrying forward the same great support, we request the devotee base to continue contributing towards this noble cause so we can procure the land without a loan. This will enable us to secure a construction loan for the first phase of building our future Temple. Kindly spread the word about this noble cause to your friends/family across the US so that people outside the Portland metro area can also donate for the future temple.

Currently, the closing on this property is tracking to mid-January’14 and we need to raise another $0.5 Million to reach our goal in this short time, with your support and God’s grace. If you have thoughts of making any contributions towards this cause, we kindly request you to do so at the earliest. For information on the Donation options available, click here.

HECSA is a 501(c) (3) – a Non Profit Tax Exempt organization. Any donation made by you is fully tax deductible. As we approach the New Year, we request you to contribute generously for an authentic temple in the greater Portland area.

If you have any questions, kindly e-mail Support@ebalajitemple.com or call Sri Rajagopal 503-621-7716.

HECSA, Portland Balaji Temple and Portland Shirdi Saibaba Temple wish you and your family happy holidays and a Happy 2014.