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60$ Per Month( 4 classes )


Music is what my feelings sound like. 

I have learnt carnatic music under two gurus . One , from Shri V . Sundaresan for 5 years ( disciple of Shri. DK Jayaraman ) 
And Shri. chengelpat Ranganathan for 12 years ( disciple of Shri. Aalathur brothers ) 
I have performed at various sabhas in India during the December season festival. 
I have won the most prestigious award “Balabruhmam” from Shri Sumukhi Rajashekar foundation , Mylapore. 
I have also won the All India level music competitions conducted by the department of postal and telephones. 

I came to the US of A in 2013 for my Masters .

I am a Vice-President at Goldman Sachs and have been working there since 2015.


Teacher Pavithraa Sivasubramanian

Phone: 385-495-8949 

Email: pavisiva.s@gmail.com 


Contact for More Details
Sri Rajagopal 503-621-7716 or hecsapdx@gmail.com