Our Goals

The Hindu Educational and cultural society of America(HECSA) , is a non-profit association that caters to the religious, cultural and educational needs of a  growing population of Indian families in the portland area. The goals of Portland Balaji temple Hillsboro, OR (as part of HECSA) are:

  • To promote and practice the ideals of Hinduism and the Hindu religion through worship, education, social service and teaching. 
  • To strive for spiritual richness and human excellence through assimilation of values of Hindu scriptures into daily life.
  • To maintain a community center for the purpose of conducting Hindu Religious, social, educational, cultural, literary, and performing arts activities consistent with the primary objective as stated above
  • The HECSA Balaji temple aims to teach all youngsters the basics of Hinduism through scriptures and stories that highlight the important values of the religion.  

The Temple also promotes cultural awareness by organizing cultural programs and shows on a regular basis to give our children and adults many opportunities to have a glimpse of the great culture, and a first-hand experience of how festivals are celebrated across diverse India.