The President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

Hindu Educational & Cultural Society of America is proud to be a certifying organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

We are excited to present this very special award to our youth volunteers and adult volunteers who accomplish a truly impressive number of service hours at Portland Balaji Temple within a year.

Kids can start working towards the 2022 President’s Volunteer Service Award now! Reach out to Sri Rajagopal @ 503-621-7716 for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

How to Qualify

Children, starting at age 5, can qualify for this award. Details on age ranges, number of hours required, and award status are below. To learn more about the President's Volunteer Service Award, visit their website.

Volunteer Eligibility

  • United States citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States (i.e., green card holder) for President’s Volunteer Service Award
  • If you are not a US Citizen or Lawful permanent resident, then you will be awarded through HECSA
  • Must be at least five years old
  • Completes eligible service within a 12-month period (for annual Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards) and over a lifetime (for Lifetime Achievement Awards)


  1. Submit your volunteer hours using this link
    • Enter the date of service and number of hours.
  2. You can submit a maximum of 5 days in one form, submit separate form for every 5 days.
  3. All submissions will be reviewed and approved by the PVSA governing council.
  4. Please submit the hours as soon as you complete the volunteering.
  5. Last date to submit the hours volunteer awards for 2022 will be Jan 31st, 2023


You will receive the following:

  • The official President’s Volunteer Service Award pin, coin, or medallion
  • A personalized certificate of achievement and letter signed by President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.