Event Details

07 Oct

Purattasi Sri Venkateshwara Maha Abhishekam & puja

Sponsorship $ 1116.00

HECSA Portland Balaji Temple

Sri Venkateshwara Maha Abhishekam & Puja.

September 23rd - 10:30 AM

September 30th - 10:30 AM

October 7th - 10:30 AM 

October 14th - 11:00 AM (Due to the Solar EclipseTemple will be open  @ 11 AM )

Venkateshwara Abishekam

Sunday, Oct  22nd, 2023 - Sri Venkateshwara Jayanthi  

 10 AM - 108 Kalasha Maha Abishekam

12 Noon Annakuda Utsavam 

 Sahasranama Archana Maha Prasadam

5 PM Garuda Vahana Seva 

 Abishekam $51.00

Annakuda Sponsorship $251.00

Gold Sponsorship $501.00

Platinum Sponsor $1116.00 

Portland Balaji Temple is honoured and blessed to bring to the devotees, the Thiruppavada (Annakutotsavam) Seva to Lord Balaji.

A large rectangular table filled with Prasadam is Offered on Silver, Gold Vesseles and Bannana Leaves placed in the Mantapam. A huge quantity of “Pulihora”-tamarind rice, along with other sweet preparations such as payasam, laddu, jilebi, thenthola, appam etc and other delicacies are deposited thereon with coconuts, flowers, sandal paste, kumkum, deepam and is placed in that trapezoid receptacle to be offered as naivedya to the Lord.

Amid Chanting of Mantras, the previous wide Naamam is peeled off and a thin Naamam is adorned on the forehead of Mula Virat Bhagawan to cover the space between His eyebrows. When this happens, it is believed that the Lord's first gaze after "opening" His Eyes (because they were covered by the Naamam earlier) should not fall on mortals, because it has huge power that could not be withstood by humans.

 Instead, it is made to fall on the mound of "Pulihora" directly in front of Him, thereby sanctifying it and reducing the intensity of His Gaze. The "Pulihora" therefore acts like a Veil ("Paavada" in Telugu/Tamil).

 We invite all bhaktas and followers of Sanatana Dharma to attend, participate and obtain the blessings of Lord Balaji.


The event is scheduled as per the below mentioned details:

VENUE:    Balaji Temple, 6100 SW Raab Road,Portland OR - 97221

DATE:       Oct 22, 2023 (Sunday)

TIME:        10 am - 2pm 

The event will immediately follow the Purattasi (Bhadrapada) maasa abhishekam.