A Carnatic Quartet
[ April 16 2023, 04:00 PMTo 07:00 PM]
Each performance is crafted keeping in mind the musical and sonic uniqueness of the four
instruments, and their coming together in both composition and manodharma.
Every listener so has something special to take back with them, be it a Mallari, a Bhairavi
Swarajathi, a lilting Tillana, a folk song (Kavadi), or even an old film song sung by one of the
Carnatic greats. Over the course of each concert, every instrument gets its own space,
playing solo, and in combination with one, two or all three other instruments. This collabora-

tion, more than anything else, is the coming together of four artistes in simply, a celebration of instrumental music.

Child ticket (for ages 5 to 12 years)

(Free for kids under 5 years)