Portland Balaji Temple Presents 

6th Margazhi Utsavam 2021

To keep up with the tradition of Portland Balaji Temple Margazhi Utsavam, we are showcasing the performances online.


The event starts on January 1st and ends on January 31st, 2021.  


The program will be telecasted on Temple’s YouTube channel and FaceBook feed everyday at 7:30 PM. Link for Temple YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/ebalajitemple

Click here to view the guidelines and registration  


Grand Finale
Jan 31st
Performance 1BharatanatyamPrajyula Pemmaraju
Performance 2Carnatic VocalAmala & Sumanaa Rajagopal accompanied by Laya Kashyap & SriKrishna Prasannan
Day 30
Jan 30th
Performance 1Carnatic VocalHaripriya Dharmala
Performance 2Carnatic VocalMalavi Mudigonda accompanied by Mahesh Mudigonda
Day 29
Jan 29th
Performance 1Carnatic VocalNandan Krishnakumar accompanied by Shyam Ravidath
Performance 2BharatanatyamKalabharathi School of Dance
Day 28
Jan 28th
Performance 1Carnatic FluteMedini Madhusudan
Performance 2Carnatic VocalAditi Rao
Performance 3Carnatic VocalDeepti Ravidath accompanied by Shyam Ravidath
Day 27
Jan 27th
Performance 1Carnatic VocalAkshaya Arun
Performance 2Carnatic VocalSharika Pillai
Performance 3BharatanatyamNavarasa School of Dance (Anagha Srikanth, Shriya Prasannan & Arshia Rajeshnarayanan)
Day 26
Jan 26th
Performance 1Carnatic VocalUpasya Swarna accompanied by Madhu Swarna
Performance 2Carnatic VocalNavya Dharshan
Day 25
Jan 25th
Performance 1Carnatic VeenaGauri Setti
Performance 2Carnatic VocalMegha Panikar
Day 24
Jan 24th
Performance 1Carnatic VocalNamrata Venkatesan & Aditi Venkatesan
Performance 2Carnatic VocalBhavika Pasuparthi accompanied by Vasudev Raguram
Day 23
Jan 23rd
Performance 1Carnatic VocalAnusha Mudigonda accompanied by Mahesh Mudigonda
Performance 2Carnatic Veena & VocalSowmya Joisa
Day 22
Jan 22nd
Performance 1Carnatic VocalJanani Maheswaran
Performance 2BharatanatyamDeepti Ravidath
Day 21
Jan 21st
Performance 1Carnatic VocalAnagha Srikanth & Priya Srikanth accompanied by Krishna Srikanth
Performance 2Carnatic VocalAnanya Dasaka accompanied by Reetesh Sudhakar

Day 20
Jan 20th
Performance 1Carnatic VocalMeera Ramesh & Smrithi Chary
Performance 2Carnatic VocalAditi Atreya accompanied by Ameya Bharadwaj
Day 19
Jan 19th
Performance 1Carnatic Vocal & VeenaSiddharth and Kavya Muralidaran
Performance 2Carnatic VocalSai Rithvikha Raja accompanied by Meghna Yamarthi & Ameya Bharadwaj
Day 18
Jan 18th
Performance 1Carnatic VocalThanvi Chilukuri
Performance 2Carnatic VocalSaikarthik & Siddharth Sivakumar
Day 17
Jan 17th
Performance 1BharathanatyamHarini & Shalini Sachidhanand
Performance 2Carnatic VocalNesara Shree & Inchara Shree
Day 16
Jan 16th
Performance 1BharathanatyamSweta Ravisankar
Performance 2Carnatic VocalVarshinee Venkatesan
Day 15
Jan 15th
Performance 1Carnatic VocalNidhi Yadalam
Performance 2Layavinyasam (Mridangam troupe)Anand Rangarajan, Ameya Bharadwaj, Laya Kashyap, Rahul Iyer, SriKrishna Prasannan & Krishna Srikanth
Day 14
Jan 14th
Performance 1Carnatic FluteSrikanth Dakshinamoorthy accompanied by Shambhava Srikanth
Performance 2Carnatic VocalShriya Marla
Day 13
Jan 13th
Performance 1Carnatic VocalPrabhav Vasisht accompanied by Pranav Vasisht
Performance 2BharathanatyamNirvana Academy of Indian Arts
Day 12
Jan 12th
Performance 1Carnatic Vocal & VeenaKiyosh Arun & Shrish Arun
Performance 2BharathanatyamShriya Marla
Performance 3Mridangam SoloShyam Ravidath
Day 11
Jan 11th
Performance 1Carnatic VocalMaitri Ghosh
Performance 2Carnatic VocalIsha Marla
Performance 3BharathanatyamAdithi Mahankali and Anvitha Mahankali
Day 10
Jan 10th
Performance 1Carnatic VocalGowri Namboothiry accompanied by Vishnu Namboothiry on Mridangam
Performance 2Carnatic VocalLavanya Laxman accompanied by Reetesh Sudhakar on Mridangam
Day 9
Jan 9th
Performance 1Carnatic ViolinSri. Ananda Nadayogi accompanied by Adithya Sreenivasan & Srivi Balaji
Performance 2Carnatic VocalArchana Srikanth accompanied by Srikanth Dakshinamoorthy & Vallabha Srikanth
Day 8
Jan 8th
Performance 1Carnatic VocalMeenakshi Sundar Rajan & Medha Sundar Rajan
Performance 2Carnatic ViolinChinmayee Narra accompanied by Ameya Bharadwaj on Mridangam
Day 7
Jan 7th
Performance 1BharatanatayamAnkita Kumar
Performance 2Carnatic VocalSmt. Padma Rajagopal
Day 6
Jan 6th
Performance 1Carnatic VocalAvyank Niraj
Performance 2Carnatic VeenaShalini Sachidhanand
Day 5
Jan 5th
Performance 1Carnatic VocalSmitha Murthy accompanied by Pranav Vasisht & Prabhav Vasisht
Performance 2Carnatic VocalAarohi Nair
Performance 3Carnatic ViolinNiraj Parthasarathy
Day 4
Jan 4th
Performance 1KuchipudiHrithi Reshi Sivalinki
Performance 2Carnatic ViolinArya Solur
Day 3
Jan 3rd
Performance 1Carnatic VeenaNakul Bharani & Bharani Thiruvengadam
Performance 2Carnatic VocalShobana Balasubramaniam
Day 2
Jan 2nd
Performance 1Carnatic VeenaShambhava Srikanth & Vallabha Srikanth
Performance 2Carnatic VocalAdithi Mahankali & Anvitha Mahankali
Day 1
Jan 1st
Performance 1Carnatic VocalKavya Balasubramanian & Mahati Balasubramanian
Performance 2Carnatic VocalVaishnavi Kumar & Poornima Kumar