Welcome to the Cultural page of HECSA-Balaji Temple. The Temple has organized several cultural events since 2010 for the benefit of the community in the Greater Portland region to meet the Organization's objective of promoting Indian cultural heritage for both Adults & Youngsters alike. Some of the major cultural events that the Temple has organized are:

  • Sri Thyagaraja Utsavam: A gathering of musicians from Portland and sorrounding areas singing the Pancharatna Kritis on Bahugula Panchami with several accompanying musical instruments such as Mridangam/Gatam/Veena and more...
  • Concerts by renowned Carnatic musicians such as Malladi Brothers, Shantala, Dr. Nityashree Mahadevan, Sowmya Srinivasan.
  • The Temple has also offered performances/concerts in association with other local non-profits.Several performances featuring local Dance & Music schools/Organizations such as Kalabharati School of Dance, Portland Aradhana, Shankar Drumming Group and several more.
  • Annual Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations: Several competitions for kids ranging from coloring, fancy dress based on Indian epics such as Ramayana/Mahabharata, Sloka recitation.Continuing our rich tradition of promoting Indian culture.


Any devotees or local musicians/Schools of Music/Dance who are interested in showcasing their Talents, are welcome to use the Cultural hall and other facilities free of cost. Kindly seek approval with the Temple Management.