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25 Jan 2014

Pranams and Thankyou

Dear Devotees,

With blessings of the Lord and with immense pleasure & pride, we would like to announce that HECSA has completed the closing process for purchase of the LAND for our future temple. This would not have been possible but for the generous contributions of you. Our humble
Pranams, to one and all of you, for your contributions. HECSA would also like THANK everyone in the community who stepped up to provide loans to the temple so the transaction could be completed without a bank loan.

We pray to the Almighty that this tremendous support from the community continues and we achieve the ultimate goal of constructing the authentic temple very soon. We also request you to continue you contribute donations to the great cause, so that the loans can be paid back soon, and the next phase of realizing the dream of starting building the temple, as early as possible.